Koenigsman / Stobbe Photo Collection   
  Dominic and Theresa (Wroblewski) Stobbe Family  

Dominic and Theresa Wedding, 05-Jun-1916

Dominic Stobbe, his sister Agnes, and his parents Mariana and Johann Stobbe, about 1915.
Photo courtesy of
Maxine (Stobbe) Liske
Enlargement of previous photo

Dominic Stobbe Band
L-R: Unknown, Dominic Stobbe, Joe Maschka

Stobbe Family, possibly mid-to-late 1920's
Dominic and daugther
Phyllis, Marge and Louise
Back L-R: Theresa, Unknown boy, Dorothy, Dominic
Front L-R: Marge, Phyllis, Louise
Possibly Stobbe Farm

Stobbe family gatherings, probably late 1940's
Dominic and Theresa
Back L-R: Louise, Phyllis, Ray, JoAnn, Frank, Zeke, Marge
Front: George Borowski and Patty Johnson
L-R: Louise, Phyllis, JoAnn, Theresa and Marge
L-R: Zeke, Frank, Bob, Ray and Dominic
L-R: Zeke, Frank, Bob and Ray
Louise and Zeke Borowski
Louise and son George
Phyllis and Ray Johnson
Phyllis and daughter Patty
Marge and Bob Sass
JoAnn and Frank Koenigsman
Louise and Zeke Borowski, Phyllis and Ray Johnson
Louise and Zeke Borowski
Phyllis and Ray Johnson
JoAnn and Frank Koenigsman

Mom Stobbe
L-R: Francis (Badura) Stobbe, Arnold P. Stobbe's wife, Theresa (Wroblewski) Stobbe

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