Koenigsman / Stobbe Photo Collection   
  Frank Koenigsman Childhood  

Professional posed photos
Frank, 1927
Frank and Ralph, 1930

Photos from Frank's Baby Book

Frank with his Dad and Mom, 1927
Frank, 1 year old

1927 to about 1940
Frank (baby in center), Betty Moritz (girl standing on left) and two other unknown children - 1927
Frank, 1927
Anne (Lutgen) Hennes and Frank, 1927
Veronica, Frank, Ralph and Edward - Aug, 1928
Frank, 1928
Geraldine Lutgen and Frank, 1928
Geraldine Lutgen and Frank, 1928
Ralph and Frank, about 1930
Ralph (?), Fred (?) and Frank, about 1933
Frank, about 1936
Frank, about 1940

About 1940 to 1944
Frank, Seventh Grade, 1939-40
Tipton High School Band, Newspaper print, about 1944
Frank played the Trumpet in the H.S. Band
Rick (4 Months old) and Frank (17 years old), May, 1944

Summer on the streets of Tipton, about 1944

Frank's High School Graduation, May, 1945.
Since Frank was in the Navy, his younger brother David "stood in" for him, dressed in a navy uniform.
Rear, L-R: Mary (Thummel) Lutgen and Fred Koenigsman
Front L-R: Mary Ellen, David and Doris Koenigsman
Veronica, David and Edward
David and Fred. Probably Fred's 8th Grade Graduation

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