Koenigsman / Stobbe Photo Collection   
  JoAnn Stobbe Childhood  

JoAnn Stobbe and her family, about 1936 to 1945
L-R: JoAnn, Dorothy, Marge, Phyllis, Louise and Theresa (Wroblewski) Stobbe
L-R: Jim Stobbe, George Borowski and JoAnn Stobbe
L-R: JoAnn, Theresa (Wroblewski), Jim and Dominic Stobbe
Close-up of JoAnn

About 1945-1948
JoAnn at her home in Grand Island
JoAnn and Dorothy
L-R: JoAnn, her mom Theresa and neice Patsy Johnson
Theresa, Patsy and JoAnn
L-R Dominic, Jim, Theresa and JoAnn
Jim and JoAnn
JoAnn, Easter Sunday
L-R: Dominic, Theresa, Phyllis and JoAnn

Bathing Beauty, about 1947

High School Graduation Portrait

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