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  WWII Navy Service Summary  


Naval Abbreviations

Commander, Service Forces, 7th Fleet. ?
Naval Training Center ?
Personnel Separation Center ?
U.S. Naval Training & Distribution Center ?
U.S. Naval Reserve Station ?

WWII and U.S. Navy Related Web Links

U.S. Naval Training Center (USNTC), Great Lakes, Illinois

U.S. Naval Training Center (USNTC), Gulfport, Mississippi
(now: Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC))

Navy Radio Man - School and related Info

U.S. Navy Training and Distribution Center (U.S.N. T & D Cen), Shoemaker, California

U.S.S. BARNETT (APA-5) - McCawley-class Attack Transport

U.S.S. DOBBIN (AD-3) - Dobbin class Destoyer Tender

Destroyer Tenders are auxiliary support ships that service and supply destroyers. (per


U.S. Navy and WWII in the Pacific - General Information

U.S. Navy Rates, Ratings, Ranks, Insignia

Radioman related Insignia, patches, etc.

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