Prucha / Koenigsman Family History
Welcome to the Family History pages for Rick & Chris Prucha.
Dedicated to the memory of our parents, Lou & Mary Prucha and Frank & JoAnn Koenigsman;
and nephew, Dave Wisniewski.

Captain David Anthony Wisniewski

In memory of Dave Wisniewski who passed away from his injuries after the helicopter
he was piloting on a rescue mission was shot down in Afghanistan.
Koenigsman / Stobbe Family Tree

Genealogy of Frank and JoAnn (Stobbe) Koenigsman and their ancestors.
Direct-Line Ancestor Surnames:
Koenigsman: Gau, Gerratz, Herman, Lambermont, Linden, Lutgen, Mergen, Pirotte, Pleins,
                      Schloeder, Scholer, Sinner, Thummel, Tringes, Weber, Zell.
Stobbe: Chojnacka, Filbrandt, Kobuszewski, Kowoviski, Kropidlowski, Wesierski, Wroblewski/Wrobel.
Koenigsman / Stobbe Photo Collection

Scanned photographs from Frank and JoAnn's shoeboxes.
Frank Koenigsman, WWII Service Summary

Chronological summary of Frank's US Navy service during WWII, with photos and military records.
Frank was a Radioman aboard the U.S.S. Dobbin at the end of the war.
Prucha / Brennan Family Tree

Genealogy for Lou and Mary (Brennan) Prucha and their ancestors.
Direct-Line Ancestor Surnames:
Prucha: Cuda/Cudova, Karonova, Martinek, Simanek.
Brennan: Corbett, Dowd, Foley, McEnery/McInary/McHenry, Meehan/Mahan/Mahon, Murphy, Sullivan.
Lou Prucha WWII Service Summary

Chronological summary of Lou's US Army Air Corps service during WWII, including his combat missions,
photos and military records. Lou was assigned to the 668th Bomb Squadron, 416th Bomb Group of the
9th Air Force in the European Theater of Operations and piloted Douglas A-26 "Invader" Attack Bombers.
A-26 Invader "Sugar Baby" History

Summary of A-26 Invader "Sugar Baby", the aircraft Lou Prucha often flew in WWII.

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