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Charts        - List of Pedigree and Descendant charts for Direct-line relations.

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Out of respect for the privacy of living individuals, I have tried to exclude from these pages those relatives that I have identified as "living" in my family tree database and only display information for those I have identified or have assumed to be deceased.  If I have failed in either regard, I apologize.

Because the web changes so frequently, it is very possible that some of the hyper-links found in the source citations may no longer be valid.  In addition, some links to the subscription service at may not allow you to view the full content if you are not also a subscriber.

This family tree is, and always will be a "work in progress", even though I have been researching and adding information since 1999.  Any errors or omissions are my responsibility and I apologize in advance.  However, I would appreciate being notified when you do find missing, alternate, incorrect or additional information.

I have been using "The Master Genealogist" (TMG) from Wholly Genes Software as my family tree application and database since around 2002.  These pages were created using John Cardinal's "Second Site" web site builder for TMG.  I sincerely appreciate the efforts of all those involved in developing/maintaining both applications for making my "genealogy life" easier.