"Sugar Baby"                
Sugar Baby
"Sugar Baby" Art

"Sugar Baby" has been the subject of at least three different artists.
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Drawing by Dan Witkoff, 1995

Witkoff Drawing
(Courtesy of Dan Witkoff - Witkoff Aviation Art)

Aviation Artist Dan Witkoff drew "Sugar Baby" as a Christmas gift for his Father-in-Law, Lee Ferguson.
Lee was one of the two gunners who trained with my father prior to their overseas transfer.
Lou and Lee flew 17 combat missions together, several in "Sugar Baby", while stationed in the ETO.

I was fortunate to have had the oportunity to personally meet
Lee and his bride Bert on a couple occasions prior to their passing.

After our first meeting in 2000, Lee requested Dan send me a print of Dan's "Sugar Baby" drawing,
which I now have proudly framed and displayed.

Painting by Mark Postlethwaite, 2009

Postlethwaite Painting
(Courtesy of Mark Postlethwaite - www.posart.com)

Jim Roeder wrote A-26 Invader Units of World War 2 which was published in 2010.
This book cover shows the above original Painting by Aviation Artist Mark Postlethwaite;
and Jim and Mark decided to use "Sugar Baby" as the subject.

When I purchased my copy of this book, I was so excited I showed it off to my friends and co-workers.
Seeing my excitement, a group of about 25 of them banded together and purchased Mark's original
"Sugar Baby" painting. They had it professionally framed and presented it to me as a surprise.

I am so very grateful to them all, and display the painting,
along with the Certificate of Authenticity (below), with great pleasure.

Certificate of Authenticity

416th Bomb Group (L) Archive, 2013

416th Archive Aircraft
(Courtesy of Wayne Sayles - www.416th.com)

Wayne Sayles purchased and renovated the former 1935 WPA Community Center building in
Gainesville, Missouri as the Headquarters for the non-profit 416th Bomb Group (L) Archive.

On the building veranda, Wayne hand created the display pictured above that includes the 9th Air Force Shield
bracketed on the left by the A-20G S/N 43-9699 Crewed by William E. Cramsie, Charles R. Henshaw and
Jack Steward on their fatal mission of April 10, 1944 with "Sugar Baby" to the right of the Shield.

Further along the veranda are hand painted Aircraft Marking logos for the four 416th BG
Squadrons - 668th, 669th, 670th and 671st. Below these Squadron logos Wayne created the
Archive Wall of Honor which includes a bronze Memorial Plaque commemorating the
416th BG along with tiles listing 416th BG Honorees.

416th Archive     416th Archive Logos

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